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3 Reasons to Choose Trent Graham's Taekwondo Academy

1. You'll master the art of taekwondo right here in Florence AL

Do you want to challenge your body and mind, gain core strength and have fun while learning self-defense techniques? Taekwondo, the ancient Korean art of self-defense, is great exercise and a valuable skill for anyone to learn. Trent Graham's Taekwondo Academy is the only full-time martial arts school in the Florence, AL area.

It's not just about taekwondo, especially for the younger kids. When your kids take taekwondo classes, they'll also learn essential physical skills, including balance, coordination and flexibility. Adults learn much more than taekwondo, too-we want to make you a more successful person. You'll learn discipline and gain confidence along the way. Enroll in your first free taekwondo class by calling us today.

2. The whole family can get involved

We can enroll your whole family in taekwondo classes. Many times, parents will come to watch their kids take classes, and then want to try it out themselves. There's a spot for everyone, no matter your age and skill level. Choose from:

Kids taekwondo classes: Kids ages 4 to 12 are tested regularly to move from
beginner to advanced classes.
  • Beginner taekwondo classes: We teach beginners the basics and test them regularly as they work their way up the levels.
  • Advanced taekwondo classes: Once our students have mastered the beginner class, they move to the advanced class where they learn how to spar.
  • Adult taekwondo classes: We teach both beginner and advanced classes for teens and adults ages 13 and up.
  • Self-defense classes: This class is for adults who want to gain self-defense skills and learn new techniques.

The number of students in each class varies daily, and the maximum capacity is 30 students per class. Each class lasts about one hour. Feel free to take as many classes a week as you want, but we suggest that you come in at least two or three times a week for the best results.

3. Your first taekwondo class is free

If you're ready to learn a new skill and gain valuable self-defense skills, sign up for classes at Trent Graham's Taekwondo Academy today. New students get to try taekwondo with a free class. After the first free class, you can participate in a four-week program for $49, which includes a uniform.

Call 256-764-0027 today to learn more and enroll in your first class!

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