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Enroll in adult taekwondo classes in Florence & Muscle Shoals, AL

Taekwondo is not only practical self-defense training, but it’s also a fun and competitive sport for adults of all ages. The adult class focuses mostly on self-defense skills, so you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to effectively defend yourself in the face of an attacker.

Trent Graham’s Taekwondo Academy offers beginner and advanced taekwondo classes for teens and adults ages 13 and up. Teens ages 13 and up participate in the adult classes to prevent the big kids from accidentally hurting the smaller kids. It’s also an advantage for kids to learn and practice with adults and older kids who are at a higher level. Call 256-764-0027 to sign up for your first adult taekwondo class.

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Are you thinking about trying taekwondo? At Trent Graham’s Taekwondo Academy, it doesn’t cost anything to attend your first class. Join us today and find out if taekwondo is a skill you’d like to develop. You don’t have to have any experience to join the adult taekwondo classes—we have classes for beginners and advanced students.