Teach Your Kid Taekwondo Basics

Enroll your child in our beginner class in Florence & Muscle Shoals, AL

Are you looking for a fun afterschool activity that will allow your child to gain valuable skills? Trent Graham’s Taekwondo Academy offers beginner taekwondo classes for kids ages 4 to 12. The beginner class is where kids who are new to taekwondo learn basic stances and skills. We test regularly to determine whether a student is ready to move up to the advanced class. After their free first class, you can enroll them in the four-week program for only $49 which includes a uniform!

3 reasons to enroll your child in taekwondo classes

Learning taekwondo comes with boundless benefits, especially for children. The many benefits of taekwondo training include:
  1. Physical fitness: Kids gain strength, coordination, flexibility and balance.
  2. Self-discipline: Kids will learn to focus and practice self-control.
  3. Self-confidence: Kids can gain confidence while learning a new skill.
Not only is taekwondo a beneficial skill, but it’s also a fun and exciting sport for kids of all ages. Call now to enroll your child in their first free beginner taekwondo class.