Challenge Yourself With Taekwondo Classes

Challenge Yourself With Taekwondo Classes

What to expect when you enroll in our Florence & Muscle Shoals, AL martial arts school

Are you ready to learn a fun and practical form of self-defense? When you join us at Trent Graham's Taekwondo Academy, there are a few things you'll want to know:

  • Your first taekwondo class is free: Try it out to make sure that you like it.
  • Your next step is to sign up for a 4-week package: It costs only $40 and includes a uniform.
  • You can progress from beginner to advanced quickly: If you're a new student over the age of 12, you'll be in the adult taekwondo classes and can move from beginner to advanced classes at your own pace.
Enroll today and see how quickly you can progress. We accept new students of all ages. If you're ready to learn a fun and challenging form of self-defense, contact us today.

Have any questions? Call to talk to an instructor.

Are you curious about learning taekwondo, but you have a few questions about our process first? Call 256-764-0027 today to talk with the owner or another instructor. We’re located in Florence, AL and have a second location in Muscle Shoals, AL as well.